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  • Nominated for the 2012 Jerry Goldsmith Awards! Now available for download! The Music of Asternauts
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  • Asternauts on IndieFlix
  • The Music of Asternauts
  • Best Film Award
  • Back Woods, Meet Outer Space!
  • Cannes ShortFilmCorner
  • The Art of Asternauts
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Watch the TRAILER

 vid trailer

The official ASTERNAUTS Trailer
in glorious Full HD on YouTube.
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Behind the Scenes

 vid behindthescenes

Follow the making of ASTERNAUTS and
watch the video diary of Behind-the-Scenes
videographer Martina Chamrad.

Crowdfunding Pitch

 vid kick

ASTERNAUTS was partially financed through an international crowdfunding campaign. Watch the original pitch video that was released on kickstarter.com and startnext.de.